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GENI-ACT Workflow Overview Welcome to the new GENI-ACT
The structure of the GENI-ACT community Class creation and management
User roles in the GENI-ACT system How to create a project
Instructor - How Do I? Creating a course
Getting Started with Markdown Is the Start Codon Called Correctly
Phylogenetic History of my Gene
Interpreting Hits to NCBI Conserved Domains Database
From BLASTp Output to Multiple Sequence Alignment
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Frequently Asked Questions



How do I join an Office Hours session?
I'd like to attend a training workshop. How do I register?
My confirmation email never arrived. What do I do?
The system is telling me that my email address is already in use, what do I do?
The system isn’t working, what do I do?


Where do I find my class PIN?
How do I become involved in a project?


How do I register as as a student in my own course?
As an instructor, how do I change to “Instructor Status” from “Student Status”?
Can I enroll in my own course as a student?
How long does it take to complete a class?
My students are asking for a class PIN, where do I find it?
I added too many modules to my course; how do I remove them?


How does GENI-ACT differ from Learning Management Systems like Canvas or Blackboard?
Who can participate in a GENI-ACT project?
What sort of scientific background do I need to participate in GENI-ACT?
How is GENI-ACT funded?

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