Guiding Education through Novel Investigation - Academic Collaboration Toolkit

GENI-ACT brings authentic research into the classroom: enhancing student learning and engagement; supporting instructor scholarship and teaching; facilitating collaboration; and answering relevant scientific questions. Welcome to our educational community!

News & Updates

Key GENI-ACT Features:
  • Laboratory Notebooks – Students access protocols and upload data in one location that is shared with the instructor and can be made public.

  • Assessments – Instructors can create pop-up questions to guide student learning.

  • Data Downloads - All class and course data can now be downloaded.

  • Course Catalog - Catalog is now searchable with enhanced features.

  • Updated Protocols - Shared protocols with data uploads seamlessly integrated.

  • Streamlined Workflow – More intuitive workflow that simplifies course and class management.

Upcoming Workshops

2020 Workshops

CUR’s Virtual Biennial Conference (VBC) 2020

  • Session Name: GENI-ACT: Scaffolding Authentic Science Across the Curriculum

  • Session Date and Time: Completed (Thanks for attending!)

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