User roles in the GENI-ACT system

The GENI-ACT system models a research laboratory and is designed to connect students, teachers and researchers through shared projects. There are four unique roles in the GENI-ACT community.

Students can register for classes taught by your instructor. Your classes will provide background information, instructions, protocols and the ability to submit your data for review and approval by your instructor. Approved data are shared with the GENI community and the broader scientific community. If your data are used you will be acknowledged in any publications and may even be considered for an authorship on the manuscript.

Instructors create and teach classes based on available courses in the system. You can assign your students to research teams, designate specific tasks for each research team, ask questions related only to the class, and track the progress of your students. Once your class is over you can approve your students data so that it can be shared with others in the GENI and broader scientific communities.

Developers serve in two key roles as:

Community curators build and manage broad interrelated communities that share a common research methodology. Currently the microbial genomics community is the focus of GENI-ACT, but we expect more disciplines to join as the program develops. If you would like to start a new community on the GENI site please contact a GENI administrator.

NOTE: Students will be automatically registered upon entering a class pin into the system. If you would like to serve as an instructor or developer email Derek Wood at to request access. Please note your department, school and include a link to your schools website for confirmation.

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