When I login into the website it says "Service Not Available"

When I look at the lab notebook, I cannot see any text. Only a small textbox is displayed.

How am I able to access my Geni-Act Lab Notebook feature?

I'm having trouble with images in the GENI-ACT notebook. The initial upload appears to function, but when the notebook is opened at a later date, the notebook shows the "broken image" icon in the box.

how do I change my password

I need to locate the gene page, so I can highlight and copy gene sequences into my lab book.

Hi-I'd like to have students record the top 3 or even top 4 BLAST hits. Is there a way to add more fields for these? [there was in the IMG system, but I don't know if we can do it here]

A student registered for my class but they couldn't see their assignments. They registered a second time using a different email, and this account works fine. How do I delete the student's 1st account (the bad one?)