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GENI-ACT brings authentic research into the classroom - enhancing student learning and engagement - supporting instructor scholarship and teaching - facilitating collaboration - and providing answers to relevant scientific questions. Welcome to our educational community!

Please review the information on your login page, or visit our help menu for details on the GENI-ACT community. If you are new to the system and would like to change your role to Instructor or Developer please contact Derek Wood.

What's happening at GENI-ACT

Updated: 18 Jul 2018

  • The following new features are now available:
    • Start codon review and change.
    • File upload support for all modules.
  • The following updates are in development:
    • Instructor data visualization
    • Project, course, and class document attachments
  • The following core modules are being updated:
    • Horizontal Gene Transfer
    • Alternative Open Reading Frame
    • Enzymatic Function
    • RNA
  • The following schools have joined the GENI-ACT community. Welcome!:
    • The Harley School

Upcoming Workshops

No upcoming workshops at this time...

Past Workshops

Enhancing the STEM pipeline through bioinformatics and genomics
June 22, 2018
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY

Council on Undergraduate Research Biennial Conference.
July 1-3, 2018.
Washington DC

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